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November 27, 2015| Dr. Bruce Henderson

Almost everyone at some point in their life experiences arthritis pain and symptoms. Every joint in your body is covered with a layer of articular cartilage on each bone that faces one another. This cartilage can be very thin such as in the lower back joints or finger joints – or it can be extremely thick – measuring over 1/4 of an inch in your knee, hip or ankle. When it is normal, this cartilage is totally firm and smooth as glass. Arthritis occurs when this surface cartilage starts cracking and softening, causing chunks of it to break or come loose, eventually wearing away.

Nothing Tastes As Good As It Feels To Be Thin

April 24, 2013| Dr. Bruce Henderson

Several years ago one of my patients made that statement to me and it has stuck with me ever since. It is such a true statement about health, but I would add that your heart, your spine, and your joints also depend on it. Everyone knows that diet and exercise is the key to weight loss, but what exactly does that mean? Here are a few practical tips that I have found very helpful in my life and for many patients over the years.


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