Bone Density


Bone Density

Accurate measurement of bone density is often neglected, but extremely important, diagnostic tool. Thinning of the bones, known as osteoporosis, is a condition that affects all of us as the years go by.

Whereas most facilities will obtain only two or three density readings, we refer you to St Joseph Mercy Hospital where a much more thorough test is performed with at least 6 separate measurements. Especially important is the lateral view of the lumbar spine, which measures specifically the density of the spinal vertebral bodies.

In most cases, the lowest bone density of anyone’s entire skeleton will be the spinal vertebrae. It is for this reason that vertebral compression fractures are an extremely common problem often resulting in pain, deformity, disability and often severely altered lifestyle. Almost no other imaging center routinely measures the vertebral body from the lateral view except for St. Joseph Mercy Oakland. We recommend that all bone density patients follow up with Dr. Henderson for a thorough review of the results of the density testing with a customized plan to prevent or perhaps even reverse future osteoporosis and the fragility fractures that result from it!


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