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Your shoulders are the joints in your body capable of the greatest movement. But because of its mobility, the shoulder is prone to injuries like rotator cuff tears. At Oakland Orthopedic in Pontiac, Michigan, board-certified orthopedic surgeon Bruce Henderson, MD, performs rotator cuff repair procedures to treat rotator cuff tears. To schedule a consultation, call the office or click the online booking button today.

Rotator Cuff Repair

What is the rotator cuff?

The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that attach your humerus to the shoulder blade. The rotator cuff keeps your arm in the socket joint and supports lifting and rotation of the arm.

Rotator cuff tears are common and cause pain and instability. Someone may develop a rotator cuff tear from an acute injury, such as falling on an outstretched arm or lifting something too heavy.

However, most people develop rotator cuff tears from tissue degeneration that occurs over time. 

Who needs rotator cuff repair?

Dr. Henderson conducts a comprehensive evaluation when you come in with complaints of shoulder pain and immobility. If the shoulder problem is from a rotator cuff tear, he first takes a nonsurgical approach.

Dr. Henderson may recommend rotator cuff repair. Someone may also need rotator cuff repair if:

  • The tear is large
  • There is significant weakness and loss of shoulder function
  • The tear is from an acute injury
  • The use of the shoulder is needed for overhead activities, such as for work or sports

Only about 20% of patients with shoulder pain need rotator cuff repair. 

What happens during rotator cuff repair?

Dr. Henderson develops individualized surgical plans for rotator cuff repair based on the size of the tear and the health of the surrounding tissue and bone. When possible, he takes a minimally invasive approach to reduce tissue damage, post-surgical pain, and recovery time.

In most cases, the tendon has been detached directly off the bone. The repair requires that the tendon is firmly reattached to the bone where it will eventually heal into the bone. This process can take several months. 

Mini-open rotator cuff repair

During mini-open rotator cuff repair, Dr. Henderson, views the rotator cuff directly and repairs the tendon. 

Open rotator cuff repair

An open rotator cuff repair is a traditional procedure that requires a slightly larger incision through the shoulder to gain access to the rotator cuff. Dr. Henderson may perform the open procedure to repair large or complex tears.

How long is recovery following rotator cuff repair?

A person should regain a large percentage of shoulder strength and mobility within 4-6 weeks after surgery. Complete recovery following rotator cuff repair may take several months.

Dr. Henderson also will recommend physical therapy, a key component in the recovery process.

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