As everyone knows, one of the basic mainstays of orthopedic diagnosis is the reading of radiographs, otherwise known as x-rays. Unlike many facilities, our protocols allow us to take just the right x-ray without any extra or unnecessary films. In this regard, we often use larger films so that more information is on one picture, allowing us to get the maximum information from each image, making extra films often unnecessary. We also utilize special techniques that reveal problems that routine views omit.

X-rays are painless and simply require that you remain still while the image is taken. You should know, also, that the amount of radiation from one set of xrays is so minimal that it compares with one month of living in the mile-high city of Denver where you are closer to the sun. If you have had a recent x-ray or other imaging study regarding what is troubling you, we invite you to bring it to your appointment on a CD.


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