Disabling Arthritis


Disabling Arthritis

What is arthritis?

What are the types of arthritis?

What causes arthritis?

What makes it hurt? Swelling? Tenderness?

As we age is it inevitable?

Why do joints sometimes swell and get bigger?

Can it be avoided?

Why is it sometimes disabling? 

Can it be treated without surgery?

At Oakland Orthopedic, we know the answer to all of these questions and how they relate to each patient’s specific needs.

Most of all, Dr. Henderson is an expert in defining exactly what is the problem (diagnosis) and how arthritis can be successfully treated most often without surgery!

What is Arthritis?

Every joint in our body has a layer of glistening white cartilage on the end of each bone. Whether it is a small finger joint, or a large weight bearing joint like a knee, both bones that meet together have that layer of protection and cushioning to prevent the bones from rubbing on each other.  When that layer becomes cracked, broken, or worn down the joint will often start to hurt.  If the layers wear off completely, that becomes what is called “bone on bone” arthritis  which is usually quite painful and disabling.


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